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Indywidualna Praktyka Lekarska NovaDent
lek. dent. Tomasz Kunat
Ul. Mickiewicza 14C
74-400 Dębno
woj. zachodniopomorskie

Telephone number: +48 517 531 150
e-mail: info@novadentdebno.pl

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About us

At NovaDent we work hard every day to become the European reference for the treatment of any dental issue.

Our main objective if to provide satisfaction to our patients by offering the most professional and friendly service, the latest dental technology and techniques for prosthetic dentistry, conservative dentistry, dental surgery, preventive dentistry and pediatric dentistry.

At NovaDent we offer a solution to all dental problems!

Keep your youth for years!

Aesthetic Medicine

  • Botox
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Mesotherapy
Modern equipment

Radiological diagnostics

  • Panoramic photo
  • Cephalometric photo
  • Digital X-Ray of a single tooth
Services without borders

Are you insured in Germany?

We would be glad to prepare an individual treatment plan for you, and a cost estimate in German (Heil – und Kostenplan)!

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